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We unite talented developers

United Label believed in the game and the team from day one. They are supporting us to reach our ambitions.

Co-founder of

Fallen Flag Studios


Francesco Barsotti 


Based in Cambridge, UK, Polygon Treehouse is a new indie studio looking to make big things in the world of narrative video games. 

Co-founded by two ex-Guerrilla Games/PlayStation Art Directors, Tom Jones and Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou, Polygon Treehouse creates adventures to feed your soul.


Eldest Souls is the first title of Fallen Flag Studio, a team of driven individuals based in Derby who are striving to give a new, unique spin to the souls-like genre. 

Set in a grim, dark fantasy world, Eldest Souls is innovating the genre by associating boss-rush gameplay, together with a high level of combat customization.


Based in Manchester UK,

Odd Bug Studio is the team behind the unique and original game The Lost Bear, a 2D VR platformer.


Keeping their unique art style, Odd Bug Studio are now building upon their development experience to Tails of Iron.


Inspired by such games as Faster than Light and Darkest Dungeon, Lunaris Iris, the Paris based studio behind Horae, is developing for their first title an ambitious RPG full of epic monsters and legendary stories.


Joining United Label allows us to accelerate our development as a studio, and to plan for a large reach at release.

Team leader

Odd Bug Studios


Daniel Robinson 

Being part of United Label came naturally, they are bringing, as we do, a new innovative approach to existing game genres.


Lunaris Iris


Victor La Fay 

Working with United Label enables us to be part of a highly creative and dedicated team, with strong publishing resources.


Polygon Treehouse


Tom Jones &

Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou 


United Label is uniting innovative game creators from all around the globe. We strive to make any developer who joins United Label an integral part of the collective, fostering day-to-day support and growth. We want to create trustful long term relationships with high rewarding returns. 

This all begins with four talented studios: Fallen Flag Studios, Lunaris Iris, Odd Bug Studios, and Polygon Treehouse. Our objective is to work with both highly experienced team and passionate upstarts, offering them a publishing structure for success.